Understanding the PMP® Experience Requirements

I am certain that almost every military Veteran has some amount of project management experience that can be legitimately documented on the PMP application.  But, the amount of that experience will vary depending on a host of factors such as your time in service, positions held, rank, and occupational specialty.  There are minimum requirements you must meet to qualify for the PMP Exam, so you need to first understand what those requirements are and which Category applies to you.… Read More Understanding the PMP® Experience Requirements

Mission Accomplishment = Project Management

Missions and projects are essentially the same thing.  They are both temporary in nature, they usually have several constraints, such as a deadline, or a budget ceiling; and they are both intended to achieve some unique goal or outcome.  I used military missions/projects from my 24 years of active duty in the Marine Corps to meet the PMP experience requirement; and, you can use your military experience to qualify too.… Read More Mission Accomplishment = Project Management

Is Certified Project Professional (CPP) Certification Worth It?

Military Veterans are sometimes overwhelmed by the plethora of choices that are out there promising to help prepare them to be competitive for civilian employment; so we at Military PM Pro want to help by sifting through the chaff to get to the good stuff that you should really consider pursuing. Recently, I was asked by a connection of mine to comment on whether he should take a local course being offered to obtain the Certified Project Professional (CPP) certification offered by the Institute of Project Management.… Read More Is Certified Project Professional (CPP) Certification Worth It?

Cool Tool: Office Timeline

As you get into project management, you will find that there are tons of technology tools out there to help you. If you learn to leverage those tools effectively, you will be much more efficient, your projects will run smoothly, and your stakeholders will respect you as a professional who has your crazy project under control. One of my very favorite technology tools is a simple plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint called Office Timeline.… Read More Cool Tool: Office Timeline